Graceful & Gifted

Graceful & Gifted is a dance program for individuals with special needs.

The use of movement is psychotherapeutic. The benefits of dance training are emotional, cognitive, social, behavioral and physical conditioning.

Dance Movement Therapy not only strengthens the body but also the mind through body movements that improve the mental and physical well-being of individuals.

Research has shown that Dance or Dance Movement Therapy has been very effective in helping to heal those who have developmental disabilities.

Some examples of these are:

Autism – can connect on a sensory-motor level, provides a sense of acceptance, expands skills and cognitive ability.

Learning Disabilities – develops better organizational skills, learns/experiences control and choice also gives higher self confidence.

Intellectual Disability – improves body image, social skills, coordination, motor skills and promotes communication.

Deaf & Hearing Impaired – reduces feelings of isolation and provides inspiration for relationships.

Blind & Visually Impaired – improves body image, motor skills and personal awareness.

Physically Handicapped – improves motor skills, body image, provides a way to communicate and express emotion.

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anything moveable

2423 Hyde Park Blvd
Niagara falls, NY 14305