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Adult Dance Classes Niagara Falls

Want to get moving and have some fun? Join a welcoming and upbeat dance class at our Niagara Falls studio.

Adult Dance Classes Niagara Falls, NY

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Hip Hop

Bust some moves on the floor!

Modern and dynamic, hip hop is certainly addictive. This powerful, high-energy dance style relies on a punchy beat and a little bit of attitude! Adults learn individual moves before building up to longer routines.


Learn one of dance’s most respected disciplines

Ballet is one of the world’s most beautiful and revered art forms. Adult students enjoy building on a foundation of basic movements set to beautiful music as they grow their strength and stamina.

This traditional dance form is a pleasure to learn for all ages.


Bend, stretch, breathe… relax.

Yoga is the perfect antidote to our busy and active lives. 

Join a welcoming class to spend some time focusing on yourself and allowing your body to feel a sense of peace and relaxation.

Beginners welcome… you don’t have to be flexible to enjoy and feel the benefits of this type of exercise. 

Belly Dancing

Get your body moving and let’s have some fun!

Belly dancing is energetic and exciting. If you have always wanted to give it a try, now’s your chance! 

This class is friendly, welcoming and judgement free.

Dance Fitness

Moving to the beat can be an excellent way to get fit without feeling like you are exercising. 

You’ll feel stronger and more confident at every class as you follow along with your instructor and smile as you work out.  

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